PRODUCTION TRANSPARENCY – production the right way, takes time, there’s mistakes, it can be hard.

Why production trips, partnership & sustainability matters.

Edition 4 has been released slightly later than we’d have liked, for a number of elements however we realise that ultimately, it’s not a season release date that’s important to us, it’s important to get the garments right, to ensure their fit, fabric quality, longetivty & ultimately support the people making our items to the capacity and rate they’re able to cope with.

From design, sample to product this Edition has taken 30 to 45 weeks to develop – this spans right from our initial pattern cutting, sampling, production trips & sampling in India, fabric selection, loom set ups , weaving & garment manufacture + shipping. Slowing down & collaborating on each piece with various makers is important to us, it connect the meaning of the garment to more than just an item of luxury but an item of meaning & purpose.

Our production trips are vital to our collections as it’s where we get to express & share our passions and swap skills from both sides. We feel like its important to show up and teach our products but equally to witness the struggles that our artisans may face when producing them, so we can support them first hand rather than question later down the line if something wasn’t produced in the initial desired way and truly appreciate the effort, attention and detail it has taken to create them which can easily be forgotten from a studio back in the UK.

We crossed a few barriers this collection with fabrics we felt weren’t suitable it terms of their quality, we only got to see the sample fabrics on our arrival to India and had to make a decision on whether to take these forward, unfortunately we chose not to - sustainability to us means not only supporting artisans but also ensuring we produce garments with fabric that has longevity for our customers. This altered our colour palettes, fibres and time frame quite considerably, we realised our collections are at the mercy of these techniques, we don’t compromise on quality or cut corners to get there.

For these reasons we have chosen to release all future collections in much smaller drops every 3 months, this goes against main stream requirements for whole sale and stockists but we have decided we would prefer to focus our attention to only several pieces at a time, to consider their function and respect the level of time it takes time to produce.


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