Our items are slow-made and designed to be season-less; a limited-edition collection is released every six months. In this way, we have consciously chosen to focus on lowering consumption, to appreciate and celebrate longevity, and to respect the level of skill and time involved in the production process.

Our purpose is to create well-made clothing that is as elegant as it is functional. We use delicate botanical dyes and selected blends of entirely natural fibres, including cotton, hand-spun and hand-woven khadi, and banana silk.



Artisanal craftsmanship remains the second-largest employer in developing countries; it is one of the main sources of income for people seeking a sustainable livelihood. We value and utilise the skills that are intrinsic to cultures and communities, offering access to a modern market, in order for such traditional crafts to continue and thrive rather than giving way to production-line work in distant cities.

We work directly with weavers, dyers and garment manufacturers in order to ensure quality of production, fair pay and suitable working conditions. We focus on female empowerment and the alleviation of poverty in disadvantaged and isolated communities in rural India; we work with social development organisations that implement female welfare programmes.

We understand that it takes human hands and energy to make our garments, and approach our work responsibly and holistically; consequently, we only use sustainable production methods and materials, ensuring that our garments have little or no impact on both the environment and the health of the individuals involved in their production.


Our mission is to found and establish a clothing brand with a conspicuous ethical impact throughout the chains of source, supply, production and distribution, while making garments with a certain fluidity and allure.

Equitably and respectfully, we aim to utilise skills and practices that are intrinsic to local cultures and communities, generating employment opportunities and sustaining livelihoods.

We wish to redefine so-called artisanal luxury clothing, aligning innovative design with tradition-based craft and skills, using verifiably sustainable sources, materials and methods. We hope to inspire our clientele to value the process and the story behind their garments, and to select and purchase with appropriate consideration.



AK Threads recognises the value of soft tailoring and materiality in the clothes they create. Interplay between modest and simple designs, on the one hand, and a playful, poetic edge, on the other, is always visible.

Employing minimal colour palettes and bold shapes that encourage both versatility and individual expression, our single garments and collections should come to form and define the elementary pieces of your wardrobe.