Often, we get asked or have discussions on what it means to live consciously and how you can make a difference. In today’s society, there’s rightly a lot of pressure of living morally for others, creatures & the planet. Yet this can seem overwhelming and overbearing as to where to begin and endure to live ethically.


We always respond to this answer with compassion because living sustainably 100% of the time is almost impossible – it’s about making choices & focusing on what is doable in your own situation & what will evoke happiness in your own life, whilst living more lightly.


Not everyone has the budget (our-selves included) to live fully sustainably, yet we make steps and choices under our own values of what it means to us to live ethically & morally.


 Through our clothing, plant based diet, mindfulness, abdicating single use items, – It helps to write down focus & reason as to changes or purpose of each in your life.


We believe the easiest step to living more consciously is through zen habits, nothing about sustainable living should feel challenging.


To live simply & minimally is to clear yourself of the unnecessary and make way for the essential, life and pieces that bring you energy, happiness and makes you feel good with mindfulness and clarity.

The beauty of this is that everyone’s essential needs are entirely different – there are no rules as to what brings you happiness and what are your grounding essential needs to create harmony & balance.


 Ultimately choices have to be sustainable for yourself to ensure they last and feel possible, every day small choices form a difference, within yourself & for the planet.







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