AK Threads // ANTAKARANA THREADS [SANSKRIT ] For conscious living -

‘The soul’s creative ideations find their outlet of expression’

AK Threads aligns traditional artisanal practices with modern designs to create distinctive foundation garments.

The high quality and integrity of the AK label are evident throughout the whole creative process: using natural botanical fibres; employing slow-made production methods; focusing on clothing that displays a modish attention-to-detail yet considers comfort and simplicity paramount.

Our working partners, our materials and our practices are meticulously researched and selected. Each of our collections is founded on the key elements of sustainable production, recognisable heritage and wide functionality.

Style-wise, AK Threads remains inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, denoting 'rawness', simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the artless integrity of natural things and processes. In itself, wabi sabi defines the uniqueness and ingenuous elegance of an object.