Built upon our philosophy of Considered Living and through commitment to sustainability, AK THREADS aligns traditional artisanal practices with modern designs. To create slow made - mainstay wardrobe pieces, for the modern women and her individual expression.



Forming symmetry between lifestyle & design, we remain inspired by concepts of Japanese minimalism and the appreciation of only using what is needed. Denoting respect, intention, simplicity, process and function.

Employing minimal colour palettes and bold shapes that encourage both versatility our single garments and collections are designed to form and define the elementary pieces of the wardrobe.

Equitably and respectfully, we form our pieces exclusively with selected rural artisans in India, we utilise skills and practices that are intrinsic to local cultures and communities throughout the supply chain, generating employment opportunities and sustaining livelihoods.

All at an accessible price point so neither sustainability morals, income or style be compromised.


The brand was established by Gracie Laine a British designer, whilst working in India between July 2015-16 alongside rural artisans and women’s co-operatives.

Witnessing first hand, the direct impact that female empowerment, sustainable wages and production had on local communities it opened her eyes to how important clothing manufacture is to job creation and social, economic and gender equity. 

She wanted to provide rural artisans with access to the modern market whilst producing clothing with endurance, fluidity and allure that didnt compromise on morals or style.

 With an emphasis on considered design, craftsmanship, sustainable production, ecological materials and slow living the brand was born and we haven’t looked back since.